Machine Calibration Services in Delhi

Machine Calibration Services

One of the noteworthy names in the industry, our company has been providing excellent machine calibration services to diverse industries across New Delhi (India). We have hired a team of well-trained professionals, who are well-versed with the workings of various machines. We can conduct on-site as well as off-site calibration of the machines by using the high-tech instruments, tools, and equipments. These services are rendered in compliance with the set industrial standards as per the clients’ requirements. So, contact us anytime.

Details :

  • Unique (India ) Lab. delivering high precision calibration and measurement service for Thermal, Mechanical, Electrical and Miscellaneous instruments in a cost-effective manner and faster turnaround time.
  • We are one of the fastest growing organization in the field of Calibration and Testing Services and are equipped with highly accurate calibration equipment, trained & experienced team and perfect environmental conditions. These calibration services are offered in compliance with ISO ensuring low uncertainty and high measurement accuracy.

Following Parameters are taken up for the calibration :

  • Thermal Instruments
  • Mechanical Instruments
  • Electrical Instruments
  • Miscellaneous Instruments

Thermal Instruments : UIL is equipped for high precision thermal calibration, ranging from -80 °C to 1200 oC, delivering Digital thermometer readout/probe system calibration, Noble-metal thermocouple calibration, Fixed-point cell calibration, Hygrometer, Humidity Chamber, Oven/Furnace, Temperature bath and more.

Mechanical Instruments : Our laboratory delivering advanced mechanical calibration services for Dimension, Mass and Volume, Pressure, Force and Airflow through Force gauges and transducers, Airspeed indicators, Vernier Caliper, Height Gauge ,Micro-meter, Pressure calibrators and controllers, Pressure transducers and more.

Electrical Instruments :

  • Ampere Meter Ac/Dc - Volt Meter
  • Insulation Tester - Lux Meter   
  • Oscilloscope - Watt Meter

Miscellaneous Instruments : UIL delivers miscellaneous calibration services on various parameters and equipments like ph meter, ORP meter, Timer/stopwatch, RPM meter, environmental condition monitoring, Rebound hammer, Turbidity meter and many more.

Serivce Range :

  • Food Testing
  • Environmental Monitoring Services
  • Air Testing Services
  • Water Testing
  • Waste Water Services
  • Soil Testing Labs
  • Heavy Metals Testing
  • Textile Testing
  • Metals & Alloys Testing
  • Building Materials Testing
  • Peteroleum Testing
  • Thermal Calibration Services
  • Paint And Coatings Testing
  • Wood And Furniture Testing
  • Leather And Textiles Testing
  • Rubber And Polymer Testing
  • Electro-Technical Calibration Services
  • Environmental Impact Assesment Studies (EIA)
  • Mechenical Calibration Services
  • Analytical Calibration Services
  • Dimensional Metrology Calibration Service

  • Analytical Calibration Services

  • Electro-technical Calibration Services

  • Mechanical Calibration Services

  • Thermal Calibration Services

  • Metrology Service

  • Miscellaneous Service